Holiday Cottages and Events in Finland

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Holiday Cottages and  Events  in Finland


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We situate  in the country side at Lake Syysjarvi, in the municipality of Juva, Mikkeli Region, South-Savo, Finland. VillaHevi is a small holiday retreat with a few log houses and cabins,  situating  at Lake Syysjarvi, near the lively nice town of Mikkeli, in the lakeside Finland, the lovely countryside of South Savo.

Cottage Holidays Finland

Have  a real cottage living experience! See our lovely wooden, hand made  Log Cottages.

Our sandy beach is spacious with two wood-burning  saunas and near to all of the cottages. Rowing boats, small motor boats and bicycles are available at request.

The water of the lake is clear, spotted by islands and surrounded by green forests. Nearby we have villages, manor houses, farms and beautiful lively towns. Possibilities for cycling, walking and boating are excellent. Do you enjoy fishing? Or winter sports, perhaps?  Enjoy your day with a good book? The region has rich history and culture and a lot to experience during your stay.  Have  a real cottage living experience in one of our hand-made log houses.

VillaHevi Events

We also offer adventurous events on request , basing on nature, culture and storytelling. We help You to organize Your special day(Birthday, Engagement Day or other).  Our key words are

  • Nature
  • Culture
  • Rural Holidays
  • Joy of Life
  • Holistic experience
  • Holiday cabins and houses for rent
  • We are a forum for storytelling

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Our values

We value respect for people and nature.


We respect nature. VillaHevi is built for travelers and this has some influence to the nature that can not be avoided. We aim at the balance between the travelers safety and comfort together with the chance to  experience nature with all its diversity.


We value culture, history, future foresight and creativity.


If you are an artist, craftsman, musician, teacher of yoga, tai chi or meditation or something like, we invite you to join the team. We are open for the actors who share our ideas of companionship, positivity and balance with nature. We do not plan to do all things by ourselves, but we like to co-operate with creative people. Our goal is to build a network that is able to change they ways of living and thinking, offering a new perspectives to the audience.


Siikakoskentie 161, FI-51760 Nuutilanmäki, Finland


Jane Saarnia, MBA Business and Administration, BA Culture and Arts
Tel. +358 401701608

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