The Story of Pete: The Loon Warriors


It is the year 2014.  eGassem Corporation is taking huge steps in integrating  more and more people in the company’s digital systems. People in most of the countries enjoy the easy access to essential services. Lots of all fun you can think of is offered by eGassem; music, movies, chatting, photo sharing and meeting new people. eGassem Corporation is happy, but not satisfied. It wants more. Follow Pete’s Story:  The Loon Warriors!

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The Story of Pete: Introduction

Something strange happens during a rock festival that Pete is attending. The young man meets a lady, who seems to know him. He feels strong closeness with this Victorian dressed woman, but he does not know who she is. And why is it so obvious that she is coming from some alternate dimension, from another world.

He would think that it all was just a dream, but she felt like flesh and blood. So Pete starts to find out who Ylva Uunilintu is and what does she mean to his life.

Pete’s path to the unknown takes him from the ancient cave people’s matriarchy, the clan of The Wolf Tamers to a steampunk mansion and further to the cyberpunk survival camp in the year 2035.

On his way he learns about the secret of The Six Codes. The story tells about a flying fire that landed at the Island where the Wolf Tamers were staying. It was about 3000 BC. And the gene that was then planted to a villager. When the fire ball left, it left one amber behind and continued to other places. Since those times, the gene has been among us.

 Meet Pete? Come to the Second Life® world

What if…you could fly like a bird? If you could jump high, teleport from a place to place in a second, meet avatars (and the people they represent) from other countries. Or maybe you would  like to  role play or cosplay or just hang with others, listen to music and chat in a 3D world? This all and much more you can do virtually, in a virtual world, such as Second Life. VillaHevi and the Sumeria Resort is  available in the Second Life® world. We invite you to visit the virtual VillaHevi Sumeria and experience the magic of the place  and join the story of Sumeria. You get there by registering on You will have your own avatar and we shall help you to begin and quickly develop your second life. Classes for new beginners are organized once a week in-world. Read our new beginner’s quick guide. Second Life is a  trademark of Linden Research, Inc.

Follow Pete’s Story

It was 12th of August 2013, last days of Pete’s summer holiday. The young rocker was camping with his friends on a muddy field near the festival area. The first sun rays woke him up early and when he opened his eyes, he remembered what had happened last night. In one-hundreth of a second the meaning of the memory filled Pete’s brain and made his skin crawl. All the rumors and whispered stories now scream loud in his mind. He had seen one of them, a woman from another world. 


 The riddles are guiding you to search for information from his closet on interesting, odd, mysterious and fun news and articles about culture, history, epic stories.

What is Second Life

The Second Life ® World is a virtual 3D world on the Internet where you can explore with your personal avatar.  There are other virtual worlds on the Internet, too, but VillaHevi is available in Second Life. Second Life is a  trademark of Linden Research, Inc. Read more from their website:


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 Playing in Second Life is free

It will always be your decision if you will pay there for something. You will find everything you need  for free; eyes, hairs, clothes, houses and so on. It is also up to you, how much you need. Some have lots of virtual stuff, the others enjoy their second life with  basics. Linden Research Inc. offers premium memberships that cost, but membership is voluntary.


It is free. So, why are some people using virtual money and how?  Because they want to have a totally own home and rent or buy land. These you can not have for free, except in a case when you belong to a group who shares it’s land with the residents.

Also, people may want to buy some of the fine virtual goods that are offered in the many fine shops. Or,  they buy sophisticated animations for the avatar. Or sounds. Or an impressive castle. There is everything you could imagine and a bit more!

Furthermore, Linden Labs, the owner of Second Life offers Premium Membership which would cost for you. As a premium member you would get a small house. The membership is not obligatory.


Chatting  is done either in written, or in voice. It can be done in public chat, or private instant messaging (IM) between two avatars, or in a group.

 Time zones

In Second Life, Second Life Time is used. You see the clock in the upper left corner. Because Second Life is very international place, we use the same time in all our announcements and events. Read more about the SL time from

What do people do in Second Life?

Second Life (SL) is developed by the people who are represented there by their avatars. There are uncountable amount of different places to explore. These places are called sims (big), homesteads (medium) or parcels (small). The places are built by the residents.

Avatars may just hang around and meet others, or they organize and participate in parties and clubbing, concerts, shows and other events. There are lots of roleplaying on-going in Second Life, you can find anything from very much adult gorean games to traditional fantasy adventure plays.

Many avatars become talented in some activities. Some start streaming music and dj for the public. Some organize live concerts, some build places, some design clothes, some lead groups, some tell stories, some role play.

 Safety online

Act in Second Life as in anywhere else in social media. It takes time to build friendships, but that may happen, and perhaps you will find good friends from Second Life. We advice you to trust them after you know, that they also give you right information.  Keep your password safe. Don’t open links or accept items that are offered to you randomly.

Second Life may not always be an innocent world, you could find any similar rubbish that exist anywhere on the Internet – or real life. It is good to remember this.  In our Virtual land VillaHevi Sumeria violence, open adult sex and  harassing are not allowed.


1. Go to

2. Click the button with the text “Play for Free”.

3. Choose one of the avatars. You can also choose something else than a human figure. And, you can modify the avatars looks and style later.

4. Give your avatar a name. Don’t give your real name. And give a password. Remember these! Write down…

5. Follow now the guiding of the Second Life site. You will choose a free or premium account. Premium costs, free is free…how else. With the premium, you will get your own home right away. There are plusses and minuses in both account types. And, congratulations! It is your SL birthday

6. You must download a viewer programme  to your computer to be able to enter to this virtual world with your avatar. It is a 3D world programme.

If you don’t download it when you are doing the registering, you will find one later from the bottom of the www.secondlife. com – site. Or here

Note, that there are other viewers that you could use, too. For example, Firestorm:

7. When you start Second Life viewer with your password and username (avatarname) You will first land on a somewhat  dull looking place. Wait a bit to let the world load to your viewer.

8. You are “inworld” Congratulations, ! The place may look something else than a dream world. There surely are many new beginners at the same place with you looking like unsecure nerd cartoons. But, this is just a beginning.  If you not familiar to virtual worlds, the experience anyway will be refreshing. Enjoy the feeling of a totally new place, another dimension.

Sooner or later you want to go to see what else there is to offer in the world. If you want to learn all in a quick way, copy and paste the address  to the command line of your viewer.

Click enter and you land to VillaHevi – Sumeria. Welcome, Dreamer! You just landed to the Sumeria Welcome Area. Wait a moment to let the place  load  to your viewer.


You are now ready to explore the places in Second Life by walking, running or teleporting.    You can choose the way of moving by clicking the running man – symbol in the bottom line.

Teleporting is made from teleporting stations. In VillaHevi Sumeria they are  white round platforms with a picture of a clock on the ground. Click one and choose “teleport”. You get a list of places where to go. Clicking things is wise in general, as many things are loaded with an animation, for sitting, reading, swinging, dancing and so on. You can also find a code by just clicking a right object. Try!

In Second Life you will be able also to move around by riding a horse, driving a car,   flying by plane etc. You will learn all this soon.


There are many Second Life Basic classes arranged by different people (avatars). Also I will be teaching new avatars  once a week. See information  at the landing point in VillaHevi Sumeria.   It will be about your inventory (all the virtual items), shopping (for free), dressing, putting the hair on, places to see, developing your avatar looks and animations and so on.

But you may be eager to explore Second Life on your own, so just go! You can write ”freebie” (for free shopping) or ”club” or role play or what ever comes to your mind to the search box. Or, choose a destination from the tear looking symbol (you see it on the left in the photo in this article). Then just teleport.

The next time you sign back in, choose “Last place” unless you already have a home of your own (look at next to the pass word).  Then you get back to VillaHevi. But if you land somewhere else, no problem, as you will find back also by clicking the globe and choosing VillaHevi Sumeria from your landmarks.

Have fun, learn new things and be creative!


The Story Comes Alive® Sumeria®