Holiday Cottages in Finland – at VillaHevi

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Welcome to Juva, Mikkeli Region, South-Savo, Finland.  Our holiday cottages are log houses and situate  of VillaHevi  resort. They are made of pine wood with respect in the traditional and natural Finnish construction culture.

We’ll Make You Feel at Holiday and at Home

VillaHevi’s Cottages are  situating on the shore of Lake Syysjärvi. The water of the Lake is clear, spotted by islands and surrounded by green forests. Nearby we have villages, manor houses, farms and beautiful lively towns. Possibilities for cycling, walking and boating are excellent. Do you enjoy fishing? Or winter sports, perhaps?  Enjoy your day with a good book? Our cottages are stylish but cozy, modern with an atmosphere of a  wilderness cabin. The region has rich history and culture and a lot to experience during your stay.

Holiday in the Finnish Countryside Cottages

Finland is spotted by tens of thousands of lakes.  VillaHevi’s cottages situate at  Lake Syysjärvi and very near to Lake Saimaa. The water of the Lake Syysjärvi is clear, rich with fish and swimming is safe in the clean lake. Nearby we have villages, manor houses, farms and beautiful and lively towns. Possibilities for cycling, walking and boating are good. It is up to you how you want your holiday. Do you enjoy fishing? Enjoy your day with a good book? Want to play table games? Want to go hunting treasures? Geocaching? Cycling? Do you want to know and see all about the regions history and culture?

VillaHevi is  a small village like holiday resort (yet just about 20 bed places all together). This enables the guests to have a peaceful holiday but also, to have a possibility to stay with a bigger group – or meet new people and do things together – maybe have new friends from other countries.


 Sumeria  Estate  is easily attained to, it is located only 2 km from the highway 5 and still, it is in the forest and thus – with good luck you may see there some wild animals:

Lynx, white-tail, beaver,  otter, swan, diver, black grouse, capercaillie, black woodpecker, hawk and, of course, the seagull. Smaller birds can be found for every occasion. Some of the animals are protected as the grass snake. These animals are easier to see in during the summer – also then, perhaps early in the morning and during the spring,  summer or autumn when it is lighter.  All in all, the region’s nature is very varied and rich. There are plenty of possibilities for you to have great experiences due to the nature, by walking, cycling , boating or skiing. Go fishing, photographing or searching for the many  cultural historic places.

Lake Syysjärvi

The water of the lake is clear and pure and the landscape varies from easy going country side views to wild, rocky hills where you can sense the history of the lake. The beautiful lake area has been inhabited for thousands of years already – there is an ancient rock painting on one of the rocks.


  • Fishing
  • Biking
  • Picking berries and mushroom
  • Walking
  • Boating
  • Skiing

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