Animals in Finland

Familiarize with some of the animals, who naturally live in Finland and who you could see in the surroundings.These photos are taken here in VillaHevi yard.



Following is a simple introduction of some of the Finland’s wild animals.


Divers have a strong role in mythology. The ancient stories tell, that it was either a diver or a devil who dove to the bottom of the sea to pick land for the creation of the world. That is how the world was born. In VillaHevi’s logo we have two divers, can you see them? That is because we often see and hear the impressive singing  of those festive birds at VillaHevi. Divers live only on clean lake environments.

Woodpeckers live in a big old snag tree on the yard. Their knocking and flying around is something to follow.

Black Woodpecker can also be seen, it is the bigger, black and red woodpecker and less common.

Whooper Swans singing is memorable! This big bird is the national bird of Finland, and tied with our epic story Kalevala in many ways. They live as couples for their life, and it is a joy to meet them every spring again.

Among these and the numerous different small birds, you can also meet Capercaillies and Black grouses in the forests or see  the long legged  Cranes in the fields.  High up in the sky you can see hawks enjoying the air flows.



A moose is a big animal, biggest of the Scandinavian mammals. A grown-up moose can weight of 700 kg. They live in the forests and usually you just don’t see them. But, when the light summer evenings turn darker in August, the risk of meeting a moose on the road grows. So, be careful if you are driving a car late in the evening. In the region we have also capricorns.


It is rare to see a Brown bear, but still possible. Bears wander long distances in short times. They hear well and are usually aware of the people nearby. They avoid contact as much as possible and don’t attack without a reason. A bear can be dangerous, especially when they have cubs.


Beavers are common  in the shorelines of the lakes. You mostly see rather the dams they build than the animal itself.

Red Fox, Raccoon Dog and Gray Wolf

Red Fox, Raccoon Dog and Gray Wolf  are the dog animals in the Finnish forests.


A Lynx is a  wildcat.  Its not easy to see them, but sometimes in the spring you can hear their pairing meow.

Saimaa Ringed Seal

The Saimaa Ringed Seal is among the most endangered seals in the world. The only population of this freshwater seal lives on the lake Saimaa. They were separated from the rest of the seals after the last  ice era, when the land rose and the lake Saimaa was formed. There has been a national protection program (together with environmental organizations) to save the Saimaa seal since 1955 when the seal was protected. Today there are  310 seals living on lake Saimaa. There is still work to do to save the seal.



Slowworm  may look like a snake, but it is a lizard. It is a rare and protected animal. It may look like a snake, as the form is similar.  But, its a legless lizard and  as the name tells, it is a slow creature,  harmless and protected in Finland.

Viviparous Lizard or the common lizard as its called too is the world’s northern lizard. It is a small and harmless animal. Common lizards are common at the yard of Sumeria, and protected.


Grass snake  is a piecefull and harmless – and protected snake. They do not have poison.

A poisonous viper  is afraid of people and its not aggressive and does not attack. If  you meet one in the forest you can watch it from one meter distance, but be sure,  there is a place for the snake to continue its path. Don’t try to touch it and be aware, that if you step on one, it might bite. It is an extreme behavior for a snake to bite, as it needs the poison for the hunting of  food (mice and other small animals). So, use boots in the forests. Would you anyway become bitten, contact a doctor.


Finland is a country of 100 000 lakes and fishing is popular.  In Syysjärvi and Saimaa lakes you can cache for example pike perch, European perch, pike, asp, vendice and bream. Fishing licence is needed if you fish with other equipment than hook and line.



A Lynx in a scouting camera in the yard of VillaHevi in an autumn night 2015.