The Region of Mikkeli has a lot to give for a traveler

Anttola harbor

Harbor of Anttola

The Region of Mikkeli has a rich culture! Southern Savo, a region in lakeside Finland,  is among the most interesting places in Finland. The history starts from ancient era and is famous from cave and rock paintings. They were drawn thousands of years ago. There are old farms, manor houses, endless forests and many lakes in the region. The Lake Saimaa,  very near to VillaHevi Cottages is the biggest lake of Finland. VillaHevi is on Lake Syysjarvi, which is a smaller, but big enough lake to have nice boat trips.

The towns in the neighborhood

The region has some  pretty towns. The closest to VillaHevi being the lively and friendly Mikkeli, the central town of Southern Savo.  Some very interesting cultural events are organized in Mikkeli yearly. They vary from ballet to rock festivals.

Savonlinna is famous for the medieval  Olavinlinna  castle and the  Savonlinna Opera Festival which is held in the castle   every summer.

Juva, where VillaHevi’s resort Sumeria is situating is a lively and youthful countryside municipality, which offers lots of possibilities for recreation in the nature. Juva has her own interesting  festivals, exhibitions and museums.

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