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Summer in Finland – Welcome!

Summer in Finland Summer in Finland started in the first sun rays of May this year. It has been warm and pretty – and really lovely working outdoors in the year and beach. And if if the weather in some days is a  a bit cooler it is  still so good – or what would you say about a hint of  sauna smoke mixed with fresh birch leaves’ fragrance in the air? Yes, we love all the virtual  but… read more

Mythical Sacred Places called Hiisi

Mythical Sacred Places called Hiisi

       Early days, before the Christianity came and overruled the old Finnish gods, the ancient tribes had they own ways to respect the nature and they own sacret places for the rites. These mythical sacred places were called Hiisi. Hiisi was a notable and mysterious place in the nature; a big rock or cliff with the specific form or an old tree.  Hiisi can have specific powers. Mysterious,… read more

Late Winter in Finland

The weather may be surprising but the late winter in Finland is still so adorable. February never fails! Well, this year it was the rainiest ever February in Finland, and to be honest – I do not remember another one with raining of w-a-t-e-r and being so warm. One night I heard strange, even creepy sounds outside, from the forest or lake. I knew right away what is was – it had to be! Even thoug… read more

Skating in the forest

Skating in the forest

It is a winter’s day January twothousandsixteen gotta love the snow and play be King and Ice Queen Go, put on your skates slide through the dreamy gates Make a pirouette Let happiness fill you, let         Today Mr. Jones made a small skating rink on to the forest pool, in the garden of Sumeria. The pond is behind the Holiday House Villa Suvi and  after skating, it was a beautiful scenery… read more

Holiday in Winter in Finland

  Cottage Holiday in Christmas and New Year      The hustle of the autumn is behind, it is time to rest. Read a book, play a game, chat with friends – this is the best! Feel  the air so fresh and bright Watch the starry night See the  frozen  flora and winterly fauna Enjoy life and the heat of the sauna.    Well, it was a little Christmas Holiday Poem about a holiday in winter in… read more

Winter snow is here

Magic of the white winter snow – it is here Every year it is the same – surprising, inspiring, magical. Even though, here in Finland we are used to it from the birth. Snow. Softness, coldness, fresh smelling snow. The day of the first winter snow is precious, like a new start, like a book to be written or a  story beginning.      This year, the snow came yesterday, Saturday 21.11.2015. And… read more

What about a perfect mini vac – autumn holiday in Finland?

I do. I like autumn, when the mornings are as fresh as air can be. You know the hint of the smell of smoke from the fireplace outside the house (yes, in cottage life you enjoy fire also in the mornings). Hint of smoke and  lots of breezy air. The special mixture fills you with happiness and energy to start your day! A perfect morning to jump to you boots and jumper and perhaps go fishing or… read more

Berries, white tails and the forest

Berries, white tails and the forest

The summer has been busy for us and we are thankful for this! We have had lovely visitors all the summer and that is more than we expected in the first year of the operation of the cottage renting. Lovely people have found this place! Now summer is slowly turning to autumn – it is a special time of the year! The forest is full of berries. Mornings you feel the fresh September air, afternoons it… read more

Summer cottage in Finland

Have a summer holiday in Finland! Rent a cottage.          Do you fancy spending time with your friends and family by the lake and forests? Do you value the sweet mixture of activities, adventures and easy going holiday? Do you like boating, fishing, grilling and sauna? Would culture make your day? Rock festival, maybe? Or small local events? Then, VillaHevi is the perfect place for you! read more

Do you like to solve riddles? Experience this mind tickling mystery.

Do you like riddles? Are you a hunter? Solve the riddle and win. Experience the mind tickling mystery. Do not go there unless it is raining too much to do something else. But, when you go, enjoy your stay! Hunt the codes. I promise, that it is a difficult task. Start from Boroughs. I will give you hints in VillaHevi site in Google +! Is Second Life new to you? Don’t worry, just sign up, mak… read more

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