A cottage on a hill

We found this place about 10 years ago. In the first summers, we came to this lake for a few times just to go rowing. We were admiring the lake, hilly islands, birds and the golden colored sandy swimming places. We were so happy, when we got the change to get this place which was not too remote from the city and yet a real countryside and forest – lake area. We built a tiny summer cottage with very basic amenities to the highest hill of the place. The view to the lake was just amazing! We wanted to show the place to other people too! That is why we started to build the VillaHevi holiday resort.  The fact that many of our guests really enjoy sauna, fresh lake water, water activities and forest empowers us.

Lately we have been building this area, it’s beach, roads, and gardens. For some years already it has been possible to stay  stay here also in winters, in three of VillaHevi’s cottages. 


We wish all our guests, the ones we already know and all the new ones warmly welcome to VillaHevi!

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